abodeSOLAR: our photovoltaic solar panels

The abodeSOLAR panels will provide the highest level of service and the best system for your requirements. We can offer a range of semi transparent, colour coordinated, frameless panels at the cutting edge of industry innovation for customers who are concerned about the appearance of the more traditional panels.

We can also offer the highest performing hybrid prismatic technologies, with initial consumer testing showing a performance 20% higher than the best mono or polycrystalline panels currently available, for customers who wish to maximise the returns but don’t mind the initial outlay being a little higher.

We also of course offer highly cost effective and reliable entry level systems for those concerned about limiting the installation costs

Further the abodeSOLAR panels:

  • Require no maintenance from the user at all
  • Use a recently developed panel that uses radiated light
  • Dependant on the system, reduce you electricity bill and make savings of around £1800 annually
  • Provide an index linked investment product

To find out about an abodeSOLAR installation, please see the contact us section to email
us, or call 08456 343 875, or you may also visit our offices in Norfolk by appointment.

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